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Wedding Websites UK

Choose the modern way to invite your guests to your wedding
All-in-one package to solve your invitation headaches

How it works

Done-for-you package

We'll create a stunning wedding website, with your own personalised domain (eg and make sure all the information you want is on there: date/time/venue, reception arrangements, hotels, travel. All beautifully presented and online for your guests to view.
But we don't stop there. We'll create a matching wedding Instagram account for you to upload photos to your website, and we'll even set up an email campaign for you to contact your guests!
And finally, when it's all over, we'll send you your website as a keepsake to save on your computer.

  1. Fully inclusive package - website, hosting and domain name all included. Simple one price service
  2. One year hosting - so that you have plenty of time before and after the event to be in touch with your guests
  3. Up to 10 pages covering the invitation itself, the ceremony and reception details, RSVP page, travel, gifts arrangements, contacts and photos - everything your guests are likely to need.
  4. Dedicated Instagram account for the event, integrated with your site allowing you to upload photos from anywhere - no fuss or hassle. 
  5. Email campaign using Mailchimp, for tracking of email delivery, opens and click-throughs. 
  6. Locked front end if you wish - so only your guests with your password can access the site
  7. Downloadable website to save on your computer after the hosting expires, viewable with your web browser.

Fully Personalised

Your wedding bespoke reflects your voice, your choices, and we'll work on it until it perfectly expresses what you want to say, and how you want to say it.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Save on the cost of invitations: printing, postage, follow-up. And emails have delivery reports - so you KNOW if your friends have opened them.

Permanent Record

Your website is yours to keep forever - we send it all packed up as a memento of your big day and all the planning that went into it!


My partner and I contacted Valet Website because we needed a website for our wedding. Steve, the owner, did an amazing job! All our guests are loving it! He understood immediately what we had in mind and delivered it very quickly. From the beginning we were impressed by his proactive attitude and his enthusiastic approach to this task. He not only provided the technical support but he also came up with ideas to make the website look even cooler. He even created a special email account for us to share the website with all our guests and to follow up on the invites, making our life a lot easier. We can highly recommend this talented website designer also for his patience (we had „a few“ amendments throughout the process) and his sense of humor. He delivers not only an excellent service but also humanity which is a rare thing these days.


First Class!!!
Steve is a not only a first-class web platform designer, but an incredibly creative and friendly person to work with. He works closely with you to bring your ideas alive, suggesting and helping you every step of the way, culminating in an enjoyable and very rewarding experience. It is rare to find someone like Steve in this day and age, and I could not recommend him more highly. A gifted web designer, and thoroughly decent human being!!


How Much Does It Cost?

The whole service costs a flat £500

That's everything included: website design, a dotcom or domain name of your choice, hosting, email design and sending - as many as you wish, Instagram account, and ongoing maintenance and support in the run-up to your wedding. 


A website is a great way to keep in one place all that important information your guests will need to know - and it's available at their fingertips at all times. No lost invitations - the essential information can be easily viewed on a phone or home PC. And while it isn't free, you are not incurring other costs:
- No invitation printing
- No postage and followup costs
You can use this service to collect their RSVPs, and to upload photographs before and after the day. At the end of all this you get to keep the files for viewing on your PC. 

Yes, you can, of course, get a free website from many places. If you're willing to invest the time and you have the skills, why not use or specialist sites like
But if you want someone to take the hassle away, iron out all the wrinkles, make sure it reflects your theme for the day, ensure emails get sent and delivered, and meets your needs, then we can do it all for you. And at the end we'll zip up your site and send it to you for you to save on your home computer.

We make beautifully clean and modern animated websites. We work with you and go the extra mile to make sure you're completely delighted with your wedding website. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation!