Architect Office Services

Valet Websites provides specialised services for architects and their clients, including client landing pages and BIMx 3D model videos and website embedding.

See below for our offerings, or get in touch for advice


A website is a great way for making graphical information available and distributable by your clients.

We can provide stunning project websites or simple landing pages with architectural graphical assets for clients to use internally, or for sharing with their own clients and stakeholders. We specialise in embedding GRAPHISOFT BIMx models and creating walk-through videos, but can usually build a site to your specifications very quickly and economically. Ask to see a demonstration!

Landing Page

£ 65
  • A single static landing page designed to your specification, including logos, images and any other information you wish to add.
  • Three months hosting included; additional hosting costs £10/month

Mini BIMx Website

£ 155
  • Comprises a landing page, and embedded BIMx model (viewable on desktop only) 
  • Password Protection
  • Three months hosting included; additional hosting costs £10/month

Walk-Through Video

£  55
  • Create a walk-through video from a BIMx 3D model for embedding in website
  • Supplied as 1080p MP4 video 
  • Backing music supplied as standard: titles, animated logos by arrangement