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Is your website provider
ripping you off?

Hell with Y***.com?

Is this you?

Maybe you know this well-known brand that used to be in the printed yellow pages business, but now offers online business listings and build-to-order websites. Perhaps you signed up to their website package, and are now trapped in an expensive 12 month contract with a hokey website and patchy support? Check out their Trustpilot reviews to see what we mean...

Here are the problems:

  1. AGGRESSIVE SALES - Business owners feel strong-armed into buying a website package due to high pressure sales actics. Then buyer regret takes over, but, unfortunately, by then it's too late. This company in question does not honour cooling-off periods.
  2. ANNUAL CONTRACTS - If you wanted to test out a new website and it didn't work for you, you're stuck with it for at least 12 months, with monthly payments. Sorry - there's no escape.
  3. PRICE - That website price looked attractive when you started, but many find the add-ons soon whack the cost up, not forgetting the monthly fees of £96 plus.
  4. YOU DON'T OWN THE SITE YOU PAID FOR - Almost incredible to believe that someone would spend £500 or more on a website and not own it afterwards, but that's what happens with Y***.com. You are tied in and you don't own the site - you don't even own the graphic assets (including logos) they designed for you.
  5. OVERPRICED HOSTING FEES - £96 per month is the sort of price you'd expect to pay for highly functional eCommerce site with lots of traffic - not a website for a small business. Coupling that to woeful customer service adds up to a very poor deal, and frustration all round.
  6. "SKEWED" REVIEWS - If you click on Y***'s Trustpilot link as I did when I wrote this page, you may find this astonishing statement from Trustpilot: "Dear Trustpilot users, this company has previously invited its customers in a way that is not neutral, e.g. selecting presumably happy customers to leave a review on Trustpilot. The company has told us that they have stopped collecting reviews in this way and now inviting unbiased. Users should be aware that the company’s previous collection methods may have artificially inflated their TrustScore giving an possibly inaccurate impression of the company."  I don't know about you, but I would think twice about entrusting my website and money to a company that engages in shady practices. 


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